Get recycling!

Get the recycling habit to help conserve the earth's resources and show your commitment to the environment, both globally and here in the UK. A lot of people doing something quite small to help the environment - makes a BIG difference!

And when you collect aluminium drinks cans and foil for recycling, you are not only helping the environment - up to 95% less energy is used every time a used drinks can or a foil pie case is recycled into new aluminium - but you are also releasing the high value of aluminium.

All over the country, aluminium cans and foil can be exchanged for cash, or donated to help raise funds for different local charities and community groups.

Or, you can give your aluminium to a local authority recycling scheme: most collect aluminium cans, and an increasing number operate foil schemes.

Every year in the UK almost 5,000,000,000 drinks in aluminium cans are consumed, along with foods packed or wrapped in 35,000 tonnes of aluminium foil. Over 10m a year is already paid to aluminium collectors, with another 30m-worth just waiting to be collected!

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Exercise your options!

There are many opportunities for recycling aluminium across the UK - so check your local situation on our Recycling site locator (for example scrap metal collectors in London) - and get recycling! Many places take both alucans and foil, but not all, so make sure you know what's right for you to collect locally. And - remember - that aluminium cans and foil must always be kept separate, as they are made from slightly different alloys and are recycled separately.